Initial Use

We recommend soaking your filter in just-off-the-boil water for 10-15 minutes before using it for the first time. While the cloth is washed before sewing, and the final filters are washed after stitching. This extra soak opens up all of the pores and removes any remaining starch from the cloth’s fabric.

After soaking, rinse the filter. You can proceed now.


Cloth filters perform better when the grind size is finer. If you’re not sure, start with the same grind size as the paper and adjust as needed. It’s critical, to begin with, the basics.

Taking Care of Your Filter

1. Dump the used coffee grounds in your compost bin or garbage after the filter is cold enough to handle.
2. Remove all the grinds from the filter by rinsing them under running water. Using a powerful cleanser or soap is not recommended. Because this will impact the flavor of your coffee.
3. Unless you’re a frequent user, keep it wet in a cup or jar with water. If you’re not a regular or prefer drying them, hang them to dry in the sun.

Changing the filter at the right time

It’s important to remember that your Wobh filter will evolve over time. It will pour more swiftly when it is new, reach a sweet spot about middle age, and then begin to drip more slowly at the conclusion of its existence. When your filter reaches this stage, compost it and replace it with a new one.

Here are a few tips

– After use, wash within 30-45 minutes. More time spent in contact with the grounds results in more oil build-up in the filter.
– If you’re not a frequent user, hanging the filter to dry is absolutely acceptable.
– Your filter is supposed to get weak over time. As the brew ages, it becomes longer. You should alter the size of your grind accordingly.