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New to Brewing? Try Extract brewing Starter Kit

Extract brewing Starter Kit

If you are new to brewing and confused how to start making beer at home. There are three ways to approach homebrewing – All grain, partial mash and malt extract. Of all these, extract brewing is the easiest to go with for a beginner. The simplest extract brewing is by using a beer starter kit. […]

Legality of homebrewing in India

Is homebrewing legal in India?

In India, homebrewing is slowly catching up and we can’t be happier! Krome Brew is here with a range of recipes, ingredients, equipment, kits and literature – a one stop shop for all your homebrewing needs.  While we don’t want to dampen your excitement about brewing your own alcoholic beverages, it is also important that […]

Which beer for this season?

which beer for this season?

Gone are the days with just a few limited beer options. The question arises, which beer for this season? The availability of international brands has definitely increased but it is the Indian micro and craft breweries that are making new bold and interesting beer releases. Now you have hundreds of flavors  to choose from and there […]

Colours of Beer

From pale yellow to darkest brown (almost tending to black!), beer’s palette has these and everything in between too. Beer colour also tells a few things about itself – what products went into its making, the processes it has undergone, etc. But when it comes to guessing the taste, flavour, its strength or the ABV, […]

ABV – Alcohol by Volume.

a measuring cylinder and an instrument called the Hydrometer.

The alcohol content in most beers is in the range of 5-7% – measured as ABV – Alcohol by Volume. That makes beer only mildly alcoholic when you compare with wine – 12-14% and distilled drinks that typically have over 35%. Alcohol by Volume is the standard way of representing the alcohol content as it […]