ESTRO ESPRESSO MACHINE ACCESSORIES

The perfect espresso coffee machine that combines the tradition of quality with contemporary aesthetics, blended, and hand roasted beans . Estro Espresso machine with the exclusive filter holder “Quick Mill” with fixed tightening and sealing through O-ring.

Electronic control-board for all functions. Mostly used for making Cappuccino, Espresso, Espresso Macchiato, Hot Milk. Well designed easy to use and store and have a better and fresh coffee taste. Find distributor of ESTRO ESPRESSO MACHINE  in India- Click here


Coffee tamper - kromebrew

Suitable Coffee Tamper

Tamping is the method a barista will use to take a loosely dosed amount of coffee grounds and turn them into a tightly compressed, evenly dispersed puck within the portafilter, where the water and coffee will come in contact when it’s brewing.

For your  Estro Espresso machine,  53mm Tamper size is the best suited.