Legality of homebrewing in India

Is homebrewing legal in India?

In India, homebrewing is slowly catching up and we can’t be happier!
Krome Brew is here with a range of recipes, ingredients, equipment, kits and literature – a one stop shop for all your homebrewing needs. 

While we don’t want to dampen your excitement about brewing your own alcoholic beverages, it is also important that we steer you in the right direction.
So we compiled this article to talk about the laws governing or other restrictions in place for Homebrewing in India. 

So, is homebrewing legal in India? Yes, it is! 

Homebrewing is legal in India but subject to a few conditions below:

  • No Distillation
  • Storage Limit
  • Dry States
  • Personal Consumption

1. No Distillation

No Distillation

There are no laws banning brewing beers, wines and other alcoholic drinks that don’t need any kind of distillation. These beverages are made from grains and fermented by naturally occurring microbes such as yeast.

Distillation is not permitted unless you have a license for it.

2. Storage Limit

Alcohol Storage Limit

There are state wise limits on how much alcoholic beverages one can store in their homes. There is no exact limit on how much you can brew – only how much you can keep in your house.

3. Dry States, Districts and Places

Few states such as Gujarat, Bihar, Manipur, etc. are declared as dry states. No alcoholic drinks can be produced or sold here and hence homebrewing is also banned here. Same is the case within districts declared as dry districts.
Pilgrim sites and holy places also ban production and sale.

Hence, it totally depends where in India you wish to brew.

4. Personal Consumption Only

Alcohol Consumption

What you homebrew is only for personal consumption. You are not allowed to sell it. Selling what you brew requires a commercial license.


Always check your local laws regarding homebrewing and storage limit before planning to brew and buying the related stuff from Krome Brew. Don’t indulge in anything that would be deemed illegal.

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