New to Brewing? Try Extract brewing Starter Kit

Extract brewing Starter Kit

If you are new to brewing and confused how to start making beer at home. There are three ways to approach homebrewing – All grain, partial mash and malt extract.
Of all these, extract brewing is the easiest to go with for a beginner.

The simplest extract brewing is by using a beer starter kit.

All ingredients are provided in cans and packets to add and mix at different stages of the process With the starter kit, your brew day is only about an hour’s work.

Let’s break the steps down to show how easy it is to brew your own beer with the starter kit in 4 steps – Mixing, Fermenting, Bottling, Condition.

       1. Mixing:

Mixing Malt Extract

Sanitize the equipment and the work area.
Empty the malt extract into the keg and add some cold water. Now add boiling hot water and shake the keg vigorously to combine the malt extract with water and get the wort.

       2. Fermenting:

Fermenting Beer


Cool the fermenter in an ice-bath.
When the temperature reaches 24-26°C (for ale) or 14-16°C (for lager), add the yeast.
Place the fermenter away from direct sunlight maintaining 20-23°C (for lager, 10-12°C) temperature. Leave it undisturbed for 7 days.

       3. Bottling:

Bottling Beer

Clean and sanitize the bottles and Add priming sugar to each of them.
Pour fermented beer into the bottles and seal them air-tight.

       4. Condition:


Keep the bottles away for about 2 weeks for the brew to mature and condition. This brings out the flavors better and also provides the fizz.

At the end of the fortnight, refrigerate and sample your brew!

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