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Beer Bottling Equipment Kit

Want to enjoy your fresh and chilled Beer after brewing, what are you waiting for?                                                    There is a last and major step after the fermenting Process and before you enjoying your handcrafted beer is bottling the fresh beer. Rather than looking for every Bottling Equipment separately, you have to look into Krome Brew’s Basic Homebrew Bottling Kit. Perfect to complete your Beer Bottling Process without any obstruction.

Krome brew offers you the Best Basic Beer Homebrew bottling kit which includes all the necessary botting and capping Equipment. Which you need to be completed the botting process with perfection. Moreover, parts are made with food-grade plastic.

The kit has complimentary products for you, a durable beer bottle opener in wall mounting style for you. Keep this Stainless steel bottle cap opener handy for beer and cold drinks. Install it on the wall near the chiller and you will never have to look for it or lose it.