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Coffee Equipment and Barista Tools

Shop  Quality Coffee Equipment and Barista Tools – For Home and Commercial use – high-quality tamper, Coffee kettle, knock box, steaming pitcher, thermometer, scale, shot glasses, and cleaning Essentials, etc.

Coffee Cupping Kit assembled with care to give you a wholesome cupping experience. From sampling trays, cupping spoons, and bowls to note-making cards and napkins, the kit has it all. Individual items of this set are available separately too.

Use this Coffee Kettle with Plastic handle to make delicious Pour-over coffee in your home. It provides a perfect temperature. Our stainless coffee pot allows you to brew your pour-over coffee at the perfect temperature. Also, Our coffee and tea pot have an easy-to-pour gooseneck spout for precise water flow.

This Coffee Tamper Needle Tool is a great tool for tamping fresh ground espresso before brewing. The needle can break up clumps and evenly distribute ground coffee in the brew basket. Very environmentally friendly, good helper for coffee extraction. Suitable for homes, offices, coffee shops, etc., easy to use, it helps you save much effort.