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Coffee Cupping Accessories

Coffee Cupping Accessories includes Cupping Kit, Subminimal NanoFoamer, Black Small Cupping Spittoons, and , Cupping Note Cards.

Cupping Kit assembled with care to give you a wholesome cupping experience. From sampling trays, cupping spoons, and bowls to note-making cards and napkins, the kit has it all. Individual items of this set are available separately too.

Subminimal Nanofoamer designed to produce superfine microfoam in seconds. Cafe quality micro foamed milk is now possible at home! Make your own barista-style cappuccino every day.

Spittoon made of good quality plastic. Heavy weight bottom – no risk of toppling over. Comes back to upright position soon. Separates into two parts – a top funnel and a bottom cup. Easy to clean and put back. Handy spittoon is very durable and ever lasting, washable.

This Cupping Note Card is a product of our development. It is printed on 100# card stock and is a perfect size to attach to your coffee notes for archival purposes. Plenty of space to write or stamp.  Also, It’s easy to work with these cards.