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Coffee Knock Box

A coffee knock box is a tiny bucket where used coffee grinds collected. Because you knock the coffee grounds out from the filter into the bucket, it’s called a knock box. This keeps you from leaving a mess in your café. It’s also an excellent method for collecting used grinds for composting. It’s a elevated bucket with a soft rubber strip for removing coffee grinds from the filter with ease. All the dirt falls out from the filter when it knocked on the top of the bucket, resulting in a clean filter in a couple of momentsUsed coffee grounds can be difficult to remove since they are moist and placed to the interior of the filter.

If you are a coffee enthusiast who has been looking for a way to keep your coffee station less messy, then the knock box is a suitable gadget for you. It keeps your coffee puck in one place, making your brewing process faster and your coffee disposal easier.

It is very convenient, keeps your surrounding clean, damage free, make your brewing process very faster.

This Small Box Round is the perfect accessory for any home espresso coffee machine.

Home espresso coffee machine knock box is rustproof and heavy-duty construction.