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Coffee Tamper

Coffee Tamper is essential for making the best espresso possible. Any coffee tamper can used with ease if the right posture and technique used to tamp the coffee powder.
You’re converting loose coffee powder grounds into a compressed cake inside the tamper.
Tamping has a unique purpose, and baristas spend a lot of time mastering it. Must for drawing a good shot of espresso, Tamping is more about the technique rather than the tool. If you try to make espresso without using a Coffee Tamper r, you’ll fail. Because the Coffee powder isn’t crushed, the water will run through the coffee powder without resistanceTo create resistance to the water as it flows through the espresso machine, the grounds must tamped. The most important factor to tamp is to enhance the extraction of aroma from the coffee by the water. With a loose coffee powder, you’ll get a flavored espresso that isn’t even close to called espresso. All this is possible by a high-quality tamper.

Measure and put adequate coffee into the portafilter and level it. Now place the coffee tamping base inside it and press down to tightly pack the coffee. Go ahead with making the shot. You’ll notice that it is stronger.