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Espresso Kit

Espresso kit under premium segment for the professional barista. High-quality and reliable equipment that is convenient to handle. In other words, you can do everything – from making different styles of coffee to practicing latte art with this barista kit.

Premium Kit for Espresso Barista coffee machine includes milk frothing jugs of various capacities, a comfortable handle style flat base stainless steel tamper along the tamping mat. It also has a knock box to discard spent coffee and shot glass for appropriate shot measurements. No, this is not all. Also included are cocoa shakers, latte art pencils, and stencils, and finally the cleaning brush.
A complete package for the Barista in you.

A starter equipment kit to get the Barista in you to get going. From making a rich and strong espresso shot to handling milk and making various styles of coffee, a Barista’s day revolves around a number of items like machines, jugs, mugs, and so on.