Bottling is the most important part after brewing your homebrew. A good quality bottles plays a important role in storing homebrew. Use KromeBrew’s swing top bottle. These Flip Top bottles are made with thick, durable amber glass for filtering light and protecting your home brew. Perfect for homebrewing beers, Kombucha, whiskey bottling, soda, cider, kefir, vinegar, oil, vanilla extract and more.

KromeBrew have a good quality Glass Bottles and Growlers and Bottling Equipment, Must check once.

Swing cap inserts into bottle top for easy sealing. Glass Material helps to deflect UV rays. Flip Top Bottle’s Cap are stainless steel and thick rubber gasket are easy to remove for cleaning, and simple to reattach for reusing. Flip Caps also provide a super strong, leak proof seal and ensure content inside as fresh and delicious as the day you stored it.