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We are Provide Fermentation accessories  And Dairy Process Machine Accessories Like Plastic Airlock, Glass Beaker,Carboy handle, Grommet.

If you ferment in a carboy or bucket this 3 piece airlock is a must! Fit this 3-piece Fermentation Airlock over the fermenting vessel or carboy. Use a silicone or rubber stopper with hole to insert this fermenter 3 piece airlock and seal the fermenter mouth. Clean up, and sanitation is easy once the three pieces have been disassembled and with a small brush completely cleaned.

Hydrometers are used to check the sugar levels in your brew thereby helping you determine the specific gravity of the brew and the alcohol content at that point and decide on the need for further fermentation and duration.

Glass Carboy handles for large containers used in beer fermentation. The handle is clamp around the carboy mouth. It provides a comfortable add-on feature to lift as well as carry it easily