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Cocktail Accessories includes Bar Spoon, Double Jigger, Rimming Station and Stainless steel cocktail shaker.

In Cocktail Accessories, Extra long Bar Spoons made specially for bars are bartenders’ friends. Cocktail Accesories spoons are very handy to make drinks and cocktails. Use Bar spoon 11″ for layering as well as for mixing drinks in deep jars and glasses directly.
This drink mixing Bar spoon 11″ also has a twisted portion that allows drink mixing by simply rotating the spoon. Stainless steel utensils always prefer to use in kitchen due to its durability and SS utensils are fear free of breakage during heavy duty use. Spoon’s front part have a wide space to mix your brew well. great for stirring boiling liquids, mixing in hops, etc.

In Cocktail Accessories, Pour out precise quantities of alcohol for mixing drinks or otherwise.
The double jigger can be use on both sides. Each side has a different measure. This jigger is suitable for use in bars, cafes, milk and tea shops and kitchens. This stainless steel jigger can be washed or wiped directly with water or dishwasher.

You can make the cocktails of your parties even more flavorful by adding this lovely Glass Rimmer. This Glass Rimming Station would definitely be a superb addition to your Home Bar. Glass Rimming is specially designed for the application of salt, sugar, or lime juice to the rim/edges of the Cocktail glass.

Stainless steel cocktail shaker to mix your regular and signature cocktails.
This cocktail mixer comes in a standard size and ergonomic design for convenient holding and mixing. Helps you to make professional level craft drinks with fun. Best choice for