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Jockey box with Tower are comes with drip tray. It protects the upper part of the body from beer drops while pouring. It is helpful to keep your Jockey box clean for long even after high volume Beer serve. Jockey box been all time favorite beverage dispensing solution for every person who likes to drink Beer.

If you are looking for a portable beverage dispenser, then a Stainless steel jockey box is perfect solution for you. Our stainless steel Body Box is a portable solution for serving good amounts of beer on the go. The Jockey Box is ideal for dispensing ice cold beer during outdoor picnics, beer gardens, any pop up event.

This Steel Body Box is an attractive alternative to the typical “Red Cooler” look and provides a clean stainless steel look. Jockey box are available in variations. You can choose jockey-box with or without tower. Also have a variation with Taps. It comes assembled you just need to attach beer lines and after adding ice enjoy your fresh beer or any beverage.