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kegging kit, Buy kegerator and Beer Kegs online store, save your money by using Kegerator from Krome Brew. We have high quality home bar equipment including kegerators, Beer Kegs. Shop now Beer Kegs online and enjoy hassle free taste.

Heavy Duty Mini Kegs available with an inbuilt Dispensing System is for you.  Compact and convenient 3.6-litre mini keg with dispensing head for beer lovers like us. Carry it anywhere – from picnics to outdoor parties, so this is the easiest way to include beer in the fun.
Adjust the regulator for the suitable CO2 pressure and open the tap for a fresh glass of beer.

Also, kromeBrew offers this Keg Dispensing System Starter Kit at affordable prices it is really easy to clean and assemble. Easy process to fill beer in this mini keg. Hence, Highly recommended this portable Dispensing System Starter Kit for camping.