Sunbeam Standard espresso machine accessories

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Inspired by café machines, the Sunbean Standard  uses a 58mm group head. This larger size accepts more grinds and extracts the most flavour out of you coffee.

Exclusive Tap & Go™ technology allows an easy,on demand grinding to deliver the freshest coffee in every cup. The powerful, full size steam wand produces a dry steam for silky textured milk, making it easier to be a barista and create lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites.


coffee tamper

Suitable Coffee Tamper

Tamping is the method a barista will use to take a loosely dosed amount of coffee grounds and turn them into a tightly compressed, evenly dispersed puck within the portafilter, where the water and coffee will come in contact when it’s brewing.

For your  Sunbeam Standard Espresso machine,  51mm Tamper size is the best suited.