About  Us

Krome Brew is a brand we dedicates to help people discover the joys of Brewing their Own Beer.
Homebrewing is slowly making inroads into India which has traditionally enjoyed bottled beer. With the emergence of craft and microbreweries in big and small towns, more and more people are getting moving to fresh brews.

Krome Brew - About us

As such, homebrewing which is more of a passion than hobby and largely. Popular in Europe and the USA, is gaining followers in India too.
For many who want to start brewing their own beer, the long drawn process with numerous steps. And, a great deal of equipment and ingredients seems like a major hurdle to cross.
That shouldn’t deter you anymore. We don’t want you to miss out on the pleasure of tasting fresh crisp beer. That you make with your own hands.
That’s the idea behind Krome Brew’s ready-to-use homebrewing kits.
With a complete kit and a simple brewing guide. Krome Brew ensures you have an amazing brewing experience and a tasty beer to vouch for.

At Krome Brew, we cover the science and art of brewing along with emerging trends and a whole lot of useful stuff. We also throw in interesting facts and tidbits about beer and its making that you might otherwise not come across.
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