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Back Bar cooler ideal for any kind of refrigeration, restaurant, or nightclub. Self-closing glass swing doors give improved product visibility, however  allowing you to quickly monitor your current drink or component choices for fast drink creation. This machine can complement bar space. with this cooler saves energy room while storing beer, cocktail mixes, soda, and garnishes.


  • This beer cooling system designed for professional beverage cooling in restaurants, bars and the catering industry.
  • LED lights with separate switch and glass doors will help you maintain track of inventory so you can always have a full supply of your best-selling goods on hand while also allowing your guests to properly see your selection.
  • Keep your visitors satisfied with ice-cold beers and drinks, with a temperature range of 32-50 degrees F, thanks to the digital temperature display and settings.
  • With auto-defrost and a self-evaporating water pan, this beer cooler is easy to maintain. Also, Two locks, one on each door, keep the item protected.
  • Krome bar back coolers are fitted withnew generation of cooling technology that keeps your beverages and drinks at the proper temperature without generating noise.
  • It fit even the smallest back bar area.
  • This durable unit has a stainless steel top, exterior and interior to meet the demands of heavy commercial use.
  • The materials used meet the highest requirements for hygiene standards and guarantees a long working life of the cooler.

Back Bar Cooler